Tunnel of Love, The SGND Story
Tunnel of Love, The SGND Story
On June 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

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A boy loves a girl but she is marrying someone else. He looks to forget her tries everything but her memories still haunt him. And on her marriage day everything changes. There are many stories on colleges in campus, the Hindus, the Ramjas and the SRCCS. But Delhi University is not all about all these colleges only. Welcome to tunnel of love the SGND story an extraordinary story about some people studying in a less known college of Delhi University. Readers looking for a teenage love story, teen romance, inter religion love, religious riots, compassion, struggle, love beyond boundaries, marriage, Stories of Love and much more will find this book a delight and will take them into a wonderful journey of compassion. Published by: © 2016 MeetCoogle. All Rights reserved and millions of readers around the world.

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