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  • The Secret of Viral Content Creation by:

    What makes content go viral?

    It’s a tough question, but when you look around, there’s some people who are able to craft contagious content every single time.

    What’s their secret? Do they know something you don’t?

    The answer is Yes! They do!

    And while they may not be aware of it, they know how to push the little “traffic buttons” on the internet without fail.

    This book reveals the secret that they knew. The secret of Viral Content Creation.

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  • Tunnel of Love by:

    A boy loves a girl but she is marrying someone else. He looks to forget her tries everything but her memories still haunt him. And on her marriage day everything changes. There are many stories on colleges in campus, the Hindus, the Ramjas and the SRCCS. But Delhi University is not all about all these colleges only.

    Welcome to tunnel of love the SGND story an extraordinary story about some people studying in a less known college of Delhi University.

    Readers looking for a teenage love story, teen romance, inter religion love, religious riots, compassion, struggle, love beyond boundaries, marriage, Stories of Love and much more will find this book a delight and will take them into a wonderful journey of compassion.

    Published by: © 2016 MeetCoogle. All Rights reserved and millions of readers around the world.

  • Ultimate Guide to Generate Money from Facebook by:

    Most people use Facebook to share photos and stay in touch with friends, but did you know that you can use it to earn money as well? There are lots of ways to earn money on Facebook, from using link-type advertising programs to creating a fan page and then selling the posts. You can even use Facebook to advertise and sell your products. If you are interested in making money using Facebook than you are in the right place.

    Facebook, with its 800+ million users, presents a huge opportunity for business. If you’ve read any of the Facebook marketing case studies over the last year, you’ve seen examples of small business profits and boosts in e-commerce sales via Facebook sharing.

    If your business is ready to move toward Facebook profits, your next question should be: "What distinguishes profitable and unprofitable Facebook marketing campaigns?"

    This book answers all such questions that help you make profitable revenue generation from Facebook.

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  • Unforgettable Sex Incidence 2 by:

    Published by: © 2014 MeetCoogle. All Rights Reserved and millions of readers around the world. The readers looking for goodreads erotic romance, xxx, seductive, chemical romance, love, sex with strangers, penetration, most desirable, lustful, BDSM and Stories of Love will find this book apt and perfect. Interesting story plot and hottest masala words spread to enhance your sexual mood.

    This book contains some VERY hot and erotic stories. The short stories collected in this book were all motivated by wild, first-hand accounts and fantasies taken from associations with dozens of lifestyle couples and singles.

    Stories That Will Make You Really Horny

    1. Men Have A Morning ‘Secret’ That Every Woman Should Know

    I met and fell in love with Sansa about 3 years ago and we recently got married. She is the most beautiful, caring person I have ever met. I am so proud to be her husband and best friend. Sansa makes me horny without even saying or doing anything. I get hard watching her do laundry in her t-shirt and sweats. I get hard when she paces back and forth in the kitchen while she talks on the phone. I go insane when she gets dressed up nice to go to work or when we go out to dinner. I can’t keep my hands off of her…

    2. Romance In The Workplace: Good, Bad or Ugly?

    The thought of dating someone at work never crossed my mind until you started to work with me. You are a very handsome man with the deepest eyes I have ever seen. You can tell that you’ve been through a lot just by looking into your eyes. You could also tell that you got whatever you wanted…whenever you wanted it…no matter what it was. This is where the attraction began. I’m the same way…I always get what I want…and I want you…

    3. Why Afternoon Sex Is The Best Sex

    I had just got out of the shower and into my adjoining bedroom dripping wet. I walked over to open my bedroom window and noticed my next door neighbor, Mrs. Sansa, stretched out on a lawn chair getting some sun in her backyard. What caught my attention was the very fact that Mrs. Sansa was wearing nothing with the exception of a pair of sunglasses. Mrs. Sansa is a very beautiful and voluptuous 30-something woman and being the typical 18-year old boy, as I stood admiring Sansa stretched out naked; my penis began to respond independently as it throbbed before hardening to a full erection…

    4. Workplace teasing: When you’re getting taken for granted

    Mara had started in my department last April. She had been doing the inventory and product placement for the past seven weeks. Then she moved up into the production room where I run the copiers and mail machines. She is 41 and married, but during the time we have had together, her sexual desires have not been met as much at home.

    5. Creative ways to use Chocolate for a Romantic Surprise

    It was over. Mara actually had known it for some time and it wasn’t a surprise to her. But it still sucked. She cared for the guy, even though he had stuck it to her royally (and not in a good way either)…

    6. Tips to Dress Lead to Tips for Sex

    I had been sitting at the light, waiting for it to change for a while. It seemed like the lights were still timed for the work week, because the light had been red my way for about a minute and no cars had come through the intersection the other way. As I looked to my left, I saw a woman walking down the sidewalk approaching the intersection. She was very attractive. She was wearing a very ‘springy’ dress that came to about six inches above her knees and swayed back and forth as she walked. She started crossing in the crosswalk, and as she got right in front of me turned my way, smiled, and said “Nice car.”…

    7. Grabbed hard at Sunday Morning

    8. Girl Friend’s Birthday: SEXUAL IDEA

    9. Prepare MySelf for You

    10. Give Me Your Virginity

  • Unforgettable Sex Incidence 4 by:

    10 Sex Challenges And Stories: Published by © 2019 MeetCoogle. All Rights Reserved and millions of readers around the world. The readers looking for erotic, xxx, seductive, sexually arousing, romance, love, sex with strangers, penetration, desirable, lustful and BDSM  will find this book apt and perfect. Interesting story plot and hottest masala words spread to enhance your sexual mood.

    Every relationship could use a little spicing up in the boudoir, so why not have fun with it! Challenge your partner to 10 naughty sex challenges, and we’re sure your relationship thermometer will rise! Sometimes bringing in some new ideas to the bedroom can make your sex life even more open and pleasurable. It might also give your guy the opportunity to ask for something he really wants. You can come up with your own, or go with these ideas we are sure will have you all over each other.

    This book contains 10 sex stories & 10 sex challenges for you. Complete challenges successfully would win One Million Dollar (10,00,000) USD.

    The One Million Dollar Sex Challenge an offer by MeetCoogle. Who will successfully demonstrate ability under agreed terms would be next millionaire. Over a thousand people applied to take it, but none were successful yet.

    This book contains some VERY hot and erotic stories. The short stories collected in this book were all motivated by wild, first-hand accounts and fantasies taken from associations with dozens of lifestyle couples and singles.

    Sex Stories That Will Make You Really Horny

  • Unveiling Love by:

    Published by: © 2016 MeetCoogle. All Rights Reserved and millions of readers around the world. The readers looking for Emotion, Devotion, Affection, Relationship, Love, Stories of Love, Romance, affectiom, pleasure, feelings, sensual, intense, hug, kiss, lick, passion, affair, and love will find this book apt and perfect. 

    Unveiling Love is a fictional story of a couple, Aarav and Kanika, whose alliance is setup by their families, find love after their marriage, where they explore many flavors to this dish! Aarav, who is a Casanova and while Kanika is a sweet, innocent girl. They discover new emotions and phases in their relationship supporting and completing each other. Intervention of Natasha, Kanika’s maternal cousin in their marriage with her own life and love choices throws a new light in Aarav and Kanika’s relationship.

    Unveiling Love is a novel to obsess about. It is a book that you should drop everything for…the most romantic love story.

    Plenty of tasteful, hot scenes…that keep the pages turning.

  • Visual Studio by:

    Visual Studio Tips and Tricks I .NET is one of the most versatile and extensible programming tools released by Microsoft. Unlock the secrets of Visual Studio—learning tips and shortcuts for optimizing the editor, search, navigation, windows layouts, and other capabilities. The number of features and shortcuts available in VS.NET is truly immense, and it grows tremendously with each release.

    This book deals with concepts of Visual Studio, .NET, .NET 4.0, Tips and Tricks, C#, Debugging, XAML, CodeLens, Productivity tool, Editor, Xamarin, Windows, Profiler, Tasks, Phone, Mobile, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2015.

    "Visual Studio Tips and Tricks" is written analyzing nearly every feature in the core environment—unearthing the tips and tweaks that streamline work and maximize efficiency and is packed with helpful examples and progresses through a range of topics that gradually increase in their complexity.

    Developers who are unaware of these timesaving features surely miss out on opportunities to increase their programming productivity and effectiveness. “Visual Studio Tips and Tricks” explains how to use VS.NET efficiently. Get practical insights into how IDE features work, and how to quickly adapt them for any programming language.

    Organized into short and easy-to-grasp sections, and containing tips and tricks on everything from editing and compiling to debugging and navigating within the VS.NET IDE, this book is a must-read for all .NET developers, regardless of expertise and whether they program in C#, VB.NET, or any other .NET language. 

    Specifically, it will provide you with solid guidance and education that will allow you to squeeze the ultimate productivity and use out of the Visual Studio development environment. This book folds in real-world development experience with detailed information about the IDE to make you more productive and ease transition from other development environments. This book demonstrates the new features of the IDE, including code snippets, refactoring, and patterns.

    Published by: MeetCoogle