Frequently Asked Questions

What is MeetCoogle?
MeetCoogle is easy-to-use online software that lets you convert your book into the professional-quality files you need to publish your book, in ebookstores and in print. You don’t need to know anything about book design, or ebook development: MeetCoogle has been built to handle all the details for you, and let you focus on the writing.

Why should I use it?
Using MeetCoogle’ to convert your book will save you hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars in graphic design and ebook development costs.

So I can publish anywhere?

Do I need to know anything about book design to use MeetCoogle?
Not a thing. MeetCoogle makes sure your book conforms to all the best practices of book publishing for you. As a bonus, if you’ve ever used WordPress, the MeetCoogle interface will be very familiar to you.

Does MeetCoogle work if I already have a manuscript?
Yes! And you can import it (from Word or Open Office) with one click, write directly in the system, or paste your manuscript chapters into MeetCoogle.

I wrote most of my book in Word. Can I still convert my file using MeetCoogle?
Absolutely. You can either cut and paste each chapter into MeetCoogle or use our MS Word importer. (Note: MS Word styling can cause problems on many ereaders. MeetCoogle tries to clean up this styling, but it may take some massaging to get things to look just right).

Why shouldn’t I just leave my manuscript in Word?
While you can publish a Word doc in some of the bookstores nowadays, but then you are left with automatic conversion scripts, and all the design and styling problems that come with them. Auto-converted Word docs generally don’t look attractive or render consistently across the numerous ereading devices. So your manuscript might look fine to you on your computer, but to the reader, it might look terrible.

What if I have previously formatted books or a backlist of published books I’d like to revise or republish?
MeetCoogle is perfect for any publishing project that requires warp-speed production or frequent revision. You can even import your existing books as epubs, edit them quickly and get them back in stores and making money again in a flash. Note: MeetCoogle can convert from PDF to epub at minimum cost. Contact us for detail.

How much does MeetCoogle cost?
You can use MeetCoogle for free, though your book files will contain MeetCoogle ads (in ebooks), and ads and promotional watermarks in PDF outputs.

What about ongoing charges?
We never charge you again for upgrades to your paid book. You can make as many changes as you want, revise your book as many times as you want, and export as many times as you want.

Will MeetCoogle format my book for me?
Yes, Contact us for pricing.