Fixed Layout eBooks

What is Fixed Layout?

Standard eBooks (ePub and .mobi) feature a dynamic (flowable) layout for text and images. This means that your eBook will look different when viewed on different eReaders.

Fixed Layout files quite literally “affix“ images and text to exact spots on each electronic page–just like their printed book counterparts—so that they look the same, regardless of which reader you use.


Does your eBook need a Fixed Layout?

Most eBooks do not require a Fixed Layout file. Fixed Layout files are only needed when it’s important that the images and text appear in a specific and consistent way.

These books are usually good candidates for a Fixed Layout conversion:

  • Illustrated children’s books
  • Cookbooks
  • Coffee table books
  • Graphic novels
  • Textbooks and technical manuals
  • …and any book that relies on a heavily-designed, static presentation, full-page images, or text that overlaps with images.


MeetCoogle Fixed Layout — Just $149 plus eBook Publishing package cost.

The technical experts at MeetCoogle can convert your high-resolution PDF files into an eBook with a Fixed Layout. This will ensure that your eBook displays the same way whether it’s being viewed PDF.